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Stay Cool in the Heat of Summer!

Stay cool with an auto air conditioning service. Our air conditioning repair shop can fix any climate control problems to keep you comfortable summer or winter.

4 Signs Your Air Conditioning System Needs Service:

  • Blows hot air even when set to ‘cold’
  • A/C runs constantly, but never gets cold
  • Inconsistent temperature control
  • Stale, moldy, or damp smell from vents

Expert Automotive Air Conditioning Repair

Our standard air conditioning service performance and diagnostic check includes:

  • Visually inspect all air conditioner parts and components
  • A/C system performance test (Vent Temperature & Air Volume)
  • System pressure test
  • System control test
  • Perform leak detector test
  • Optional dye leak detection test (for difficult to find leaks)

Our ASE certified technicians perform a checklist inspection of your complete air conditioning system and provide a written analysis with estimated air conditioner repair cost.

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Did You Know…

The Federal Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) regulates the type of refrigerant you can use in your auto air conditioner and how it is handled. Our Brick NJ auto AC service technicians follow strict EPA rules for properly removing and disposing of used refrigerant gas, protecting the environment while keeping you cool. At Al’s Auto Care in Brick NJ we install quality AC replacement parts. Give us a phone call at (732) 477-9776 and let us help keep your cool.

Counterfeit Refrigerant Gases

Manufacturing of counterfeit and poor quality refrigerant gas is on the increase, bringing with it a host of potential consequences, ranging from poor AC cooling performance, to costly damage to your AC system parts. Beware of low priced air conditioning service!

Al’s Auto care buys refrigerant gas from reputable, known suppliers to protect your vehicle and the environment.

Auto Air Conditioning – Best Invention Ever!

It’s the first hot day of the summer. You turn on your AC only to discover an unwelcome blast of warm air from the vents. That’s when you turn to Al’s Auto Care, your auto air conditioning service and repair specialists. From a simple auto air conditioning repair, AC diagnostic service, replace AC clutch, or repair air conditioning compressor, Al’s Auto Care can do it.

Increase Fuel Mileage

Did you know that your air conditioning system loses 5% to 10% of its cooling freon gas (and cooling capacity) each year? This freon leakage is normal, but means that over time without regular maintenance your air conditioning has to work harder to cool your vehicle. Making the AC system work harder to cool your car wears out parts faster and increases AC repair cost. Also, the longer your AC has to run to cool your vehicle the more fuel it burns which greatly increases your fuel cost!

Brick NJ Air Conditioning Service

How often do we recommend an AC service?

Once yearly. Usually in spring before the hot weather begins.

Besides keeping you cool, regular auto AC refrigerant recharge has another major benefit. Refrigerant freon gas absorbs moisture from the air which leaks into the system and turns the gas into a corrosive acid. This acid damages internal parts and creates very expensive repairs. Fresh refrigerant protects air conditioning components and keeps your AC system operating at peak efficiency, lowering fuel costs, and keeping you cool.

The refrigerant gas in your air conditioner also contains a special oil that lubricates the internal A/C parts. A small amount of this oil escapes with normal freon gas leakage. When enough oil leaks out, your air conditioner still produces cold air, but the internal parts don’t have enough oil to protect them. This results in increased wear and eventual component failure. To prevent this it is important to service your auto air conditioning system on a regular basis.

Routine Maintenance

Most of us in Brick NJ don’t give our air conditioning a second thought as long as it is producing cold air. But it is a complex and expensive system that we should care for before it fails.

Your vehicle’s air conditioning system plays an important part in providing you and your passengers with both comfort and safety. The auto air conditioning system is responsible for cooling, heating, defrosting, air filtering, and humidity control. It provides comfort during the hot summer and ensures you have a clear view of the road in the damp, cold winter months. AC system is a great convenience that is often taken for granted. At Al’s Auto Care we check your vehicle’s air conditioning system to make sure that it is functioning properly and provide service if needed. Our ASE Certified Technicians are experts at air conditioning freon R134a refill and can pressure gauge check the system, recycle used freon gas, check AC pump drive belts, and performance test your A/C system. It’s the best way to make sure you can beat the heat in cool comfort, all summer long!

Simple Fix

But there is a simple fix. A yearly AC system recharge and test will keep your AC system working at top performance. Schedule an appointment with one of our trained automotive AC repair professionals – they understand all aspects of AC repair, from modern computerized components to environmental disposal concerns.

Prevent Expensive AC Repairs

Even with regular service A/C parts do wear out over time. Normal wear and tear eventually gets to all moving parts. Catching problems early can save you from extensive repairs. For instance, a common part that wears out is the compressor shaft seal. This lets the freon gas leak leak out which causes the system to cycle on and off more frequently in its attempt to keep you cool. This more frequent on and off cycling wears out the clutch that drives the AC compressor and the compressor itself. Wait too long before replacing the leaking seal and you’ll have a very expensive repair bill for the premature failure of the A/C clutch and compressor!

Annual AC Inspection

An annual inspection of your air conditioning system will help prevent costly repairs. Al’s Auto care often offers AC inspection specials in our Auto Repair Specials Page. Inspection and preventative maintenance can really make a difference in the cost of repairs. So don’t wait. Get your AC checked today.

Your owner’s manual will tell you how often you should have your AC system serviced. Our service advisor, Andy, will be happy to provide service recommendations and answer your questions.